Evaluation of Pilot Stage

The Institute of Local Government (InLoGov) at Birmingham University carried out the external evaluation of the Village Agents project at the pilot stage.  It tested the effectiveness of the Village Agents approach for individuals and communities, and the robustness of the methodology as a sustainable system.

Final LinkAge Plus Report - Gloucestershire Village Agents
The initial baseline survey and interim reports on the pilot are available below:

Baseline Report (July 2007)
Executive Summary (July 2007)
Baseline Report vol 2 Appendices (July 2007)
First Interim Report (August 2007)
Second Interim Report (December 2007)
Third Interim Report (April 2008)

The final reports from the LinkAge Plus National Evaluation have been published.  All the reports can be found on the Warwick Business School (University of Warwick) Local Government Centre website.